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PA421 Rock
Packrat Solo
Paco Rock
Paddy Mills Folk
Paddy Saul Rock
Palatypus Folk
Palm Spring Life Alternative Rock
Pam Baker Blues/R&B
Pam Baker & The BluTonics Blues/R&B
Pamela Ruby Russell and her Highway of Dreams Band Rock
The Panda Squad Rock
Paper Eagles Rock
Paraffin Section Experimental
Paranoid Social Club Rock
Pariah Beat Rock
Parky Metal/Hardcore
A Passing Feeling Punk
Passion Pit Electronica
Pat Braxton Jazz
Pat Burtis Band Rock
Pat Pepin Blues/R&B
PatriceMonahan-ShufflinTime Jazz
PatriceMonahn-ShufflinTime Jazz
Patrick Coman Folk
The Patrons Rock
Patsy O'Brien Blues/R&B
Patty Giurleo Jazz
Paula Kelley Rock
Paul Chase Jr Rock
Paul Edward Gabriel Rock
Paul Merullo Rock
PDSaintS Rock
Peach Eaters Rock
The Peacheaters Tribute
The Peasants Alternative Rock
Pecos Bill Folk
Pee Wee Fist Rock
The Pemberton All Stars Oldies
Pen-Epic Funk
Penis Fly Trap Rock
pennyred Alternative Rock
Penrose Rock
People of Color Rock
People of the Sun Metal/Hardcore
Perennials Punk
Pete Kilpatrick Rock
Pete Kilpatrick Band Rock
Pete Lampron Rock
Pete Lyon Duo Blues/R&B
Peter Baldrachi Rock
Peter Giftos Blues/R&B
Pete Richard Alternative Rock
Peter June Rock
Peter Kilpatrick Rock
Pete Robbins Jazz
Peter Rice Solo
Peter Smith Trio Jazz
The Peter Smith Trio Jazz
Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies Rock
Petranoia Rock
Phantom Buffalo Rock
Phantom Fears- A Tribute to Rush Tribute
Phenix Ave. Rock
the pheromones Rock
PHI Rock
Philip Cohen Folk
Phineas Blood Alternative Rock
Phix World Music
The Phlegmatics Rock
Phoenyx Rap
Phokus Rap
The Picture Index Rock
Piebald Rock
Pierce Woodward Trio Blues/R&B
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Funk
The Pill Rock
the pill boston Rock
The Pills General Business
The Pincushions Rock
Pine Tree State Mind Control Experimental
The Pioneers of Seduction Rock
Pitch Black Ribbons Folk
Pitch Black Squad Rap
Pity Whores Punk
Pixies of Doom Experimental
PJ Gray Funk
Plaid Daddy Rock
The Plain Janes Alternative Rock
Planeside Rock
Planet Groove Jazz
Plank63 Rock
Plastik Rock
Plumerai Alternative Rock
Plushgun Electronica
Plus Move Electronica
Pneumatic Detach Electronica
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