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M3rcedes Blues/R&B
M-80 Jazz
m80 Rap
The Mab's Rock
the mabs Rock
The Machine Tribute
MACHINE 475 Electronica
Machinery Hall Rock
Mac McHale and the Old Time Radio Gang Country
Made in Mexico Punk
Made in Mexico (band) Rock
Mademoiselle Alternative Rock
Maeve Gilchrist Celtic/Irish
Maggie Dee Rock
magnetic milk Alternative Rock
The Magnificent Ambersons Alternative Rock
Mailbox Rock
The Maine Squeeze Oldies
Make It New Electronica
Makel Rock
Make Lisa Rich Rock
makeupbreakup Rock
The Making Rock
Making It Right Rock
Malevolence Rock
Malocchio Alternative Rock
Malus Metal/Hardcore
Malyssa BellaRosa Rock
MAMADOU World Music
Mamadou Diop World Music
Mammoth Mardge Rock
Man Alive! Folk
Mancain Rock
Maneuver Electronica
Manila Reign Punk
Manny Santos Quartet Jazz
Manny X Blues/R&B
Manteca Beat Blues/R&B
MANTRA Alternative Rock
Man-Witch Metal/Hardcore
Mappari Rock
marc Swing
Marc Chillemi and the SoPo Trio Jazz
Marc Douglas Berardo Folk
marc mcnulty Experimental
Marc & Steve Oldies
Marcus Santos & Bloco AfroBrazil World Music
Mardi Garcia Alternative Rock
Margin Walker Alternative Rock
Mariachi Atlantico Latin
Mariachi Palenque Latin
Maria Gomez Solo
Maria McNeil Jazz
Mariana-children's music World Music
Maria Ventura Solo
Marie Moreshead Folk
Marie Stella Rock
Marissa Nadler Solo
Mark Alternative Rock
Markaholic Electronica
Mark Cutler Rock
Markivus Rap
Mark Joyce Alternative Rock
Mark Kleinhaut Jazz
Mark Mondello Alternative Rock
Mark Perreault Classical
Mark Pollock and the Big Spenders Rock
Mark Rankin Rock
Mark Thompson Country
Mark Tipton Jazz
Mark Walker Jazz
Marmalde Army Rock
Mars Hill Alternative Rock
Martin Baker Alternative Rock
Martin Gibson Blues/R&B
Marula Binge Reggae/Ska/Zydeco
The Marvels Rock
Mary's Ghost Rock
Mary Ann Rossoni Folk
Mary Bee Solo
Mary Zema Solo
Mashke World Music
The Masons Rock
Mass Rock
Mass. Hysteria Jazz
Mast Rock
Mastamindz Rock
Mastamindz "M-1" Rock
Masterjam Tribute
MataHari Alternative Rock
Mathedone Rap
Math the Band Electronica
Matt Fearns Rock
Matt Hannon Rock
Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters Rock
Matthew Hannon Rock
Matthew Hebert Solo
Matthew R. Hannon Rock
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