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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.netspace.org/users/paige/capsela

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
pretty girls

candy coated


Described as shoegazer pop, electronic pop, and techno folk, capsela began with 2 tape recorders, a guitar and Paige Davis in Providence, RI, in early 1996. Since then the project has had several "adjunct" members, with Paige still remaining the songwriter/singer figure.

All told, the outfit has completed two cassettes, capsela and Colonel Sartoris. capsela was produced mostly by Paige by tape recording herself playing songs and then simply adding tracks by recording with a second tape recorder while playing along with the first. Colonel Sartoris was a slightly more hi-fi production, being done largely in Brown University's small music studio and on 4-track. A third untitled cassette which features some new selections is also in limited release; a new full-length cd is in progress.

Capsela has played in Colorado, Montana, and Washington, and has played extensively in small venues in New England, notable: The Met Cafe (with Ben Folds Five), Providence, RI; The Middle East (with Morphine), Cambridge, MA; The Kendall Cafe, Cambridge, MA; Club Passim, Cambridge, MA; The Kells, Cambridge, MA.