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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.seemlessband.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


The individual members of Seemless have impressive pedigrees. There’s no denying that. They are a product of the incestuous, yet prolific Massachusetts rock scene, and the members have logged miles in extremely influential bands like Shadows Fall, Overcast, and Killswitch Engage, bands that are easily the metal/metalcore scene’s biggest, most influential bands.


But that’s not what defines Seemless or its members. They went on to form a completely original, blues-influenced rock band of their own volition. Rather than rely on the efforts of their pasts, they strove to move forward, and ultimately, forged and created their own unique identity. Seemless is completely separate from their member’s pasts, and the debut album, Seemless, originally issued by Losing Face Records and now remastered and re-released by Equal Vision Records, is a rock ‘n roll bulldozer, full of thick, 70s inspired, distorted, guitarbased jams. Songs like “Something’s Got To Give,” “Soft Spoken Sanity,” “Lay My Burden Down” and “The Crisis” operate off a battery of pure rock fury, originality, and unharnassed passion.