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Genre: Alternative Rock

Website: http://www.4inchstud.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Coming Over Me


What can be said about a band that gives out a thong with the graphic 4”Stud was here at every show? They are certainly different and definitely not afraid to get their name out there with catchy music, bright orange stickers and tasteful intimate apparel! From the best bars in Boston to movie soundtracks to compilation discs to radio, they are making a huge impact with their self-titled debut of original works nicknamed “The Sticker Album”. With inspirations ranging from Rock N’ Roll to Burritos, these guys are building an impressive fan base with frequent live shows and a thriving internet presence.

Fans wonder how the guys came up with the crazy name 4”Stud? While they refuse to let out the secret, they do love hearing what others think it means. What do YOU think it means?