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Genre: Blues/R&B

Website: http://www.kennywhite.net


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


After two years supporting his Debut release, Uninvited Guest, Kenny White has once again gathered a remarkable ensemble of talent to help him record his new LP, Symphony in 16 Bars, featuring guest appearances by Al Anderson, Marc Cohn, Amy Helm (Ollabelle), Merrie Amsterberg as well as the superb musicianship of Jay Bellerose (Paule Cole, Joe Henry), Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan), Shawn Pelton (SNL, Sheryl Crow), Dan Rieser (Marcy’s Playground, Norah Jones), Larry Saltzman (Simon & Garfunkel). Mainly produced by Kenny, he called in Paul Bryan (Aimee Mann) and David Barratt to also produce a few tracks. Symphony in 16 Bars picks up thematically where Univited Guest  left off. Like a Woody Allen film, a main character set in New York City explores the paths the heart and soul travel while trying to find his way through the complexities of love and a changing landscape.