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Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.talkingtowalls.com


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Everyone’s talking about Talking to Walls...

After four records in as many years, Talking to Walls has evolved, as Play Magazine has described, into the “world’s first coffeehouse arena punk band.” After a couple of years of slugging it out in a variety of venues around the country as a soloist, singer/guitarist/songwriter Brian Kelly found himself landing third place in a competition at the esteemed Downtown in Long Island, New York, amid a showcase of full bands.

But the idea of who Talking to Walls is has evolved as well. Since late 2004, after being comprised of shifting full-band lineups for home gigs in New Haven, CT, drummer Matt Krupa (cousin of the late Gene Krupa, the pioneering drummer for Benny Goodman in the ’30s) and bassist Peter Shindler (proud Berkelee drop-out) came on board and joined the touring life. With the release of the 2006 album, “Naked,” they have perfected being the dynamic foil for Kelly’s prolific writing, which is as melancholy as it is upbeat.

The songwriting is the kind that keeps you up at night with headphones on - but only after being on your feet at the sweat-drenched live show. “Loose, quick-tempo chord progressions recall the sloppy splendor of The Replacements; quieter moments bring to mind a more mature Dashboard Confessional,” continues the Play Magazine article. Or, as the New Haven Register described, “Talking to Walls makes Cure-influenced pop songs laden with dark charm.” Despite the heavy, emotional musical influences, which also include Soul Asylum, U2, Foo Fighters and the Talking Heads, the band is not above admitting (and occasionally covering) the music they grew up to - 80’s hair metal and pop. Talking to Walls makes artistic integrity fun.

What is causing the media attention surrounding Talking to Walls, including three full-page feature articles and more the week it was released in Connecticut? Engineered by Ron Spataro at Roncon Studios (a bunch of R&B bands you never heard of), and mastered by Matthew Azevedo at M Works (David Bowie, Nirvana), “Naked” boasts of seven radio-ready songs which have garnered the band consistent airplay and press. The opening track and lead single, “Cut Out,” starts with a sparse, confessional arrangement, akin to Kelly’s origins as a solo act, before dropping into a heavy club beat that careens into controlled chaos by song’s end. “Song Without a Chorus” follows, with Kelly lambasting himself over a former lover in a punk-rock dirge, before rejecting another’s advances in “Fade,” a bass-heavy U2/dub-inspired track. The rest of the album scrawls on, in postcard notes, until its rejoicing conclusion in “Come Home With Me.” It is an album of relationships, romantic and otherwise.

With a schedule planned to keep them busy playing and promoting along the East Coast and beyond, Talking to Walls will be committed to the vows of poverty and chastity that go along with being an unknown touring band…

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