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Genre: Blues/R&B

Website: http://www.littlerockcannonball.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


With a blues backbone, a Country swing and Rock & Roll swagger, Little Rock Cannonball would like to formally hit you over the head and introduce you to what live music is about. Shake it, break it, stretch it 'till it snaps like a snare hit, this quartet from salem, MA plays for keeps. No consolation prizes will be offered.

Either you dig, or you don't...
But I think you'll dig.

Call it what you want, but this honest to  goodness, home cooked music. Some of the band's roots are buried deep, churning it up the rhythm slow and deliberately, other parts are raw and cracked from being exposed to the elements. Looking back to move ahead, Little Rock Cannonball takes its ethos from a time when Alt-Country was kicking down walls and the Blues had the power to leave you speechless because you were just too busy shakin' your head and tapping your foot.

There is a complexity within the simplicity of this band, a ghostly sway to their drive. The way Shawn Hudson's drums create a loose tangle around Steve Brandi's bass lines. The way Fran McConville's hands move as he wrings the neck of his Les Paul, weaving in and out of the musical tapestry with equal parts bite and beauty. The way Pete Lyon's guitar growls and whine, the way his words carry weight and wonder, having little time for nonsense and predictability.