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Genre: Jazz

Website: http://www.passionrecords.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Jonathan Keezing and Chris Florio met and began playing together when they were both attending Berklee College of Music.  Since then they have performed together as wandering minstrels at King Richard's Renaissance Faire, as well as in the Heinrich Schleiman Orchestra, the Faux Pas Chamber Players, the Ruth Levitsky Somewhat Listless Baroque Ensemble, in Hand Over Hand (wedding band), Shoe a Goose (early music), and in the Bach Guitar Rats.  Chris has played under the direction of Jon in the Psychic Dance Network and Jon has played under the direction of Chris in JumpCut Orchestra.  They have both played under the direction of Boolyyham Goolyyham in the Boolyyham Goolyyham Consolidated Orchestra.  They have performed and recorded classical, rock, jazz, folk, techno, new age, polkas, baroque, klezmer, traditional Greek, Irish, Jewish, Turkish, French and American music.  They have played in huge multimedia extravaganzas with symphony orchestras as well as in corporate boardrooms and in the woods wearing tights.  All of this, in addition to being mostly fun, has given Jon and Chris a huge mutual vocabulary and an extremely tight rapport.  The fruits of this are manifest in their improvisations.  Keezing and Florio have the wonderful ability to pick up their guitars and jointly create spontaneous compositions of infinite variety, musicality and beauty.  No two of their live performances are ever alike, since they respond to their audiences and their environment in their improvisations.  The latest release from Keezing/Florio, All Rivers Run to Rain, contains four extended improvisations that fully showcase the creative interplay between Jonathan Keezing and Chris Florio.