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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.damiandavid.com/


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Damian David is serving the Boston area up some of his rugged, tough, yet subtle style of rock.  Don't expect any flash or dash in any of his musical concoctions, just some straight ahead simplicity, refreshingly honest lyrics and catchy melodies that are reminiscent of the days when the songs on the radio lingered in the minds of those that happened to walk past.  "It's gotta be easy, it's gotta be real" are the two goals this NY native turned Bostonian is out to achieve with his first solo album, Notes On Postcards.  There is something special in the way he mixes his influences of rock, jazz and blues to create a timeless feel in his music.  His no pain no gain tactics of simply hanging up microphones in a room to capture his first solo album might give his old school mentality and values away, but don't call him an underdog just yet.  He's turning heads.

Stand out tracks from Notes On Postcards-

Lucky One
Girl From a Dream