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Genre: Rock

Website: http://mroczek.8k.com


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Nancy Mroczek PhD began rocking Boston venues with her original music in 1998, backed by musicians from Berklee College of Music. Nancy has also performed with MicroVard’s Club D’Elf, synth keyboardist John Medeski, DJ Logic, pianist and guitarists Andre Kunz and Zeke Johnson.

Nancy’s alternative music has been described as individual, high energy, punkish art, and provocative. Nancy’s performing style has been described as outlandish, audacious, heartfelt, and sincere. The music ranges from tightly arranged punk stylings to hard rock to melodically structured songs to funk songs and rap or dance. The lyrics are intelligent and often political. Songs are both about shared personal feelings as well as about subjects such as animal rights, environment, culture and genetic engineering.

Nancy has recently revamped her sound with a spirited lineup of new musicians. Band members are James Curl on sophisticated lean-mean guitar, Joe Caputo on brazen drum, and Daniel Karz-Wagman on groove-laden bass. The band captures influences from the last three decades to now, and puts out a hard, alternately melodic, alternately rhythmic, contemporary, and sometimes experimental rock sound.

Separately, Nancy produces her own television show in Boston called Toward A Quality of Life. She also holds a doctorate degree in behavior and neuropsychology.

Read Mike Miliard's feature on Nancy Mroczek from the June 13, 2003 issue of the Phoenix.