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Zagnutt blends Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz in an eclectic, original format that offers listeners a sublime alternative to the "Angry, Rap-Metal" so prevalent in popular music today. Listen to Zagnutt-Dance Happy

Zagnutt was formed by Nat Greenspan, Erik White, Dave Whitston, and Darin Mclean during the summer of 2000. In the Fall of 2000, Gary Vitagliano left Resolve, his previous project, to join Zagnutt full time. In the Spring of 2001 Mike Farrington was hired to take over the Bass duties and Dave took to singing full time. With a solidified lineup in place, Zagnutt is taking it to the people in a big way throughout the fall with regular gigs all over Boston. Listen to Zagnutt and have a good time, all the time.