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Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues/R&B, Classical, Experimental, Funk, Jazz, Oldies, Reggae/Ska/Zydeco, Rock

Website: http://www.facebook.com/killineywoods

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Weakday Blues

The Rundown


a psychedelic funk indie blues rock jam band straight from the woods of Millville mass. all hometown members and friends since before any of them can remember, killiney woods formed from the ashes of many other small local bands and with a rich history, and influence, through the long journey of music that has unfolded right in front them and their fans their still here. Their musical journey began with a band called empty which eventually imploded due to creative differences. Then out of that came the Sunday proposal and it is the first real example of the fine artistry and skillful song writing of the members of killiney woods growing up presented so far.as it turns out again due to creative differences and lack of time and members being in different bands, the band disbanded in 2006. Not shortly after the break up members of the Sunday proposal went on too formed with a few new faces in an experimental indie rock band called the messiahs which were the kings of the local indie scene and again another fine example of new and exciting musicianship from the boys and their more youthful days. the messiahs lasted for years after that starting up and stopping on occasion with different members and influence, but then it was dead. The messiahs had turned into something that it wasn't originally suppose to be and it discouraged the other members who were also starting to go their own way musically but after a year or so of being apart once again the messiahs would start but it wouldn't last long as the messiahs. It was a new time and age they had grown up and all had their own experiences and influences. They just weren't the same band that they had used to be and so the name seemed too unrepresented and old as to what was going on at the time. the band would go through a couple of different names like Clinton and grated Hindu tiger but then eventually it hit them, in all the time that they had spent playing music starting and stopping bands and practicing for hours on end and the fights and the good times, all of it had occurred on the street killiney woods. It was sort of their mecca or homage to their lives growing up on killiney woods it was their childhood and it was the only name that was felt to be suitable so it stuck. As for the music it all started when a certain member of killiney woods discovered the magic of jam music from a teacher at the local high school and that influence was enough to influence the rest of them in everything they do even to this day in all projects related and non-related. killiney woods has been rocking for years around the local area in various different groups and acts they've recorded albums and live albums they've played everything from stadiums to barns and they'll be at it for years and years to come so check out this band and its music which defines their turbulent history through their songs and jams.