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Genre: Rock

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Jet Pilot High

Ever Travel


The Red Telephone is an atmospheric guitar band from Boston. Their first self-produced, self-released CD, Aviation, has attracted much critical attention for its shimmering guitar soundscapes and dreamily melodic songcraft.

The band has just released a new album, entitled Cellar Songs, and Brett Milano caught up with band members at the Middle East prior to their CD release party earlier this month.

According to Milano, Cellar Songs "is exceptionally good music. From the blurt of the laser beam of sound - a bright, ringing result of a happy accident with effects pedals and an amplifier - that opens the album to the tremolo shivers of 'Burned by the Sun,' the shifting four-note pattern that draws attention to

the verses of 'The Possibility Shop,' and the twining leads and chords of 'Last Day of May' (which recall Television's twin-Fender interplay), the guitars play all over this album like dolphins. Although their joy feeds off [guitarist Matt] Hutton's meticulously crafted and genuinely appealing vocal melodies, they're tempered by a hesitancy and restraint that reflect the bittersweet underpinnings of the lyrics and the band's wise minimalism."