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Genre: Blues/R&B, Celtic/Irish, Folk

Website: http://http://www.kevingmoore.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
That's my child

I am here


Kevin G. Moore started his singer-songwriter career by performing at open-mics at the age of 13. It all began when he was walking through the streets of his home town and passed by the open doors of the Linden Tree Coffeehouse. He walked in and took a seat. A woman was on stage playing guitar. She sang a beautiful rendition of The Ballad of Waltzing Matilda. From then on, he’s been hooked on writing and performing thought provoking and emotional songs.

During his teen years and early twenties Kevin played coffeehouses around Boston and its suburbs as an open-mic attendee, an opening act and feature act. He performed solo as well as part of duos and groups. He spent much of his time on Boston and Cambridge subways honing his guitar skills and vocals.
In 1997 Kevin moved from Boston to Anchorage, Alaska. During his 10 years in Alaska he played many times at each available venue and festival. He self recorded and produced two cd’s (The Basement Folk LP, 2006 & Chapters, 2007).

In 2007 Kevin made the move back to Boston where he continued where he left off years ago, playing coffeehouses, café & bars from Maine to New York. In 2010, Kevin released a short live CD (Live in New England, 2010). He continues to tour around the northeast playing at folk venues and festivals. Recently, Kevin was invited by the owners of Yasgur’s Farm to come down and celebrate and perform at the 41st Woodstock Reunion Festival, with great reception.