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Genre: Alternative Rock, Funk, Rock

Website: http://nihility.bandcamp.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Right On

Lovin' Me Up


Nihility is about the rush. Music is more than notes and sound. Music is an extension of the musicians who make it and the people who listen to it. Nihility is a creature, or in some light, a monster; not a band, but an essence. John E. Funk, Sharko, Alex D, and Jay Tea created this beast out of emotion. Instruments, microphones, and recording devices transformed these emotions into music. The music, the members, the essence, is Nihility.
Nihility is explosive, in every sense of the word. At some moments, Nihility’s acoustic guitars and humble vocals can be as gentle as a lion with her cub and as sedate as a beach on a warm summer night. But then the wind picks up. Nihility turns into a beast: louder than the lion’s roar and harsher than the vicious waves crashing upon rocks. At any moment Nihility threatens to let go without caution, but when it does, gravity eventually brings it back, smoothing the edges of its destruction to make everything look fine.
It’s a one-way road. Nihility draws you close, gains your trust until you’re reliant and vulnerable. Then it tears you apart, swallowing you whole and spitting you right back out. It’s conniving, evil, relentless. Dangerous but addictive. Nihility will take you down, under the table, and spin you around with dizzying solos. You’ve been warned, but you can’t resist, because you know that in a second the beast could drag you through the depths of hell with pounding drums that resonate through your skin, but in the same second it could take you to euphoric clouds of heaven with an impossibly fluid riff, so tightly interlocked with a bass groove that not even a single molecule could squeeze through.
But the creature can set you free, elating you. Giving you a rush that you’ve never felt before. The melodies and rhythms take their soothing ease and hand it over. Nihility is seductive and sexy, smooth and suave. The funk is filled with lust. You’ll tilt your head back and breathe fire out of your lungs, until the day when Nihility is repulsive. The chords were once as clean as a new pair of shoes, fresh out of the box, and the words were once as innocent as a child at a fair, but now the creature has distorted. The shoes ran through mud and are covered in grunge, and the child has grown into a rebel, and his words are up close and in your face alongside a fuzzy whirlwind of guitars, but then distant, with only the grumblings of a bass and spacey voices.
Nihility will bring you down to a fist fight, and shoot you up like a rail gun. You’ll be left with nothing but the rush. The fuse is lit. Who’s ready to play?