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Genre: Country, Rock

Website: http://www.highwayghosts.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Losing Harmony


They are a testament to the enduring and thriving roots music scene in the Greater Boston area - Jay Miller, Patriot Ledger

Highway Ghosts masterfully blend roots-rocking guitars, ragged-but-right vocals set to rustic melodies, and other good stuff that never goes out of style when it's done right. - Jonathan Perry, Boston Globe

Highway Ghosts’ rich vocal harmonies and inspirational songwriting have made them a household name around New England’s Americana music circles. Highway Ghosts formed in 2007 when Matt Slowick (drums) joined David DeLuca (guitar, vocals), Dan Cody (guitar) and Dennis Barry (bass, vocals) for an old fashioned jam session; the result was a fantastic amalgamation of The Outlaws and Wilco with vocal harmonies reminiscent of The Jayhawks and Eagles. Highway Ghosts, immediately knew they had something good and soon delivered their critically acclaimed debut album (Top Local CDs of 2009, The Boston Globe) After All This Time, featuring Ward Hayden of Girls Guns and Glory and Jim Gambino of Swinging Steaks.

Fueled by seemingly constant media attention for After All This Time, stellar live reviews, television appearances, and regular radio airplay and interviews, Highway Ghosts are proud to release their second full length CD, Beyond All Help.