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Genre: Electronica, Rap

Website: http://www.facebook.com/hoodangelz

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When you hear the name Hood Angelz, you visualize fate, something extraordinary that’s destined to be great. This group was not created and fueled by label execs or multi-million dollar agencies as many groups are, it was founded by coincidence. In 2008 Elby and Dubbz worked together at FedEx grounds though they couldn’t help but feel that they knew each other somehow to the best of their knowledge and the only thing they had in common was their job. As time went on the two got to know one another they realized that they had much more in common than just their occupation. Elby and Dubbz both attended the same high school and as fate would have it had the same passion, music. Elby and Dubbz both enjoyed every aspect of creating music from making beats, to free-styling to writing R&B lyrics they not only loved, but were destined to create music.
After countless conversations about their love for music Elby and Dubbz decided to put words into action and began recording their first song. Even after recording their first song, both men realized that they had stumbled upon something much more than just a hobby. They realized that they were creating a new breed of music, a hybrid that compiled different genres into one. As time passed and their skills improved they began to share their music with family and friends, even feedback received was so great that they agreed to start performing. After their first show hosted by Audio Liquor Entertainment Elby and Dubbz were motivated to stick to the studio and continue to make music. Shortly after Dubbz was introduced to Cly Young through a mutual friend. Cly Young an aspiring R&B artist was looking for studio time and a chance to record his songs and Dubbz offered his small-home studio to Cly Young never anticipating the outcome. The three men joined together and began writing music with lyrics and melodies that both men and women could relate to. By the year of 2011, while working on their EP album, the group was then introduced to a talented female singer by the name of Sanya Sade who wanted to work with the group and also loved the music the group was creating. Each individual came together to bring different aspects of creativity and originality to the group writing music with lyrics and melodies that both men and women could relate to. The result of this collaboration is what they share with you today ---- Hood Angelz.