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Genre: Folk, Solo

Website: http://http://www.facebook.com/samhmusic

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
I'm Falling In Love With You (Live)

My Best Girl


Since first engaging in music at the early age of nine, Sam Hoekstra has been always interested in experimenting with music and fine art as a whole. He started off with clarinet in third grade, while moving to more advanced things such as bass guitar, and acoustic and electric guitar. Even during high school, he only took chorus one year, in his senior year, and even picked up a new novelty instrument, the ukulele.
Now 24, he spends countless hours practicing and perfecting his technique. Writing both words and music, he never fails to throw out something witty or even a cheesy pick up line in his work.
His music could be described, as he even says, as "haunting". It could be that he may go places, starting off as a solo career as a solo singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist, he also takes time to record, compose, produce, and mix/master his own compositions on an 8 multi-tracker digital recorder/workstation in his own Bangor, Maine apartment, living alone, and thankfully, the neighbors are already fond of his playing!
Writing comes in spurts, as the first major one he had in recent times, was in the summer of 2006, as he was isolated from his parents and hospitalized for health issues. He nearly filled two eighty page college ruled notebooks with every page of songs, or poetry, as some are poems. Some days, he would be in his hospital bed along with his Fender acoustic/electric guitar and doodle for hours and practice, doing what he loved, loves, and will always love.