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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.the-sedgwicks.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Sucker Punch

Lucky You


The Sedgwicks formed in late 2010 via the Boston Craigslist musician pages. The members include Ethan Mallove (vocals, bass), Richard Pantano (guitar, vocals), and Kevin Haverty (drums, vocals). Their influences range from 60s/70s Beach Boys to The Shins.

Ethan Mallove was introduced to music at a very early age. As the grandson of longtime Boston Symphony Orchestra percussionist, Charlie Smith, he began piano lessons at age seven with his mother - a teacher and former concert pianist; and began drum and xylophone lessons with his grandfather at age fourteen. By high school, he fully immersed in music - playing drums in the marching, concert, and jazz bands; and also singing bass in the jazz choir. During his freshman year of high school he joined with his best friends, Chuck Stevens and Matt Rosenberg, to form an experimental rock band called "Phil and the Blank". After placing third at the Concord High School Battle of the Bands contest, Phil and the Blank audio cassettes and stickers became a fixture in the Concord, NH area. After the lead singer and harmonica player for the band went off to college, Ethan changed focus from rock to jazz, and began studying jazz vibraphone and piano under Berklee College of Music mallet guru, Ed Saindon.

Under Saindon, Ethan became obsessed with jazz composition and improvisation, and after incessant practicing for two years - was accepted in April of 1997 into Boston's New England Conservatory jazz performance program. During his enrollment at the Conservatory, he played in the Cecil McBee and Allen Chase jazz ensembles; played xylophone for the Hankus Netsky klezmer ensemble on PBS's Taste of Passover and Taste of Channukah; and formed the experimental rock trio, Trikona, with Gar Ragland and Eric Platz.

Trikona dissolved in 2000 when Ethan went to UNH to earn a Computer Science degree, and thereafter began working as a software engineer. Over the past ten years he's been actively honing his skills at Boston area open-mics, and writing indie pop songs with influences ranging from The Shins to Beck. The tracks on the-sedgwicks.com are a sample of the tracks he has recorded for The Sedgwicks project.

Richard Pantano is a veteran of the Boston music scene. He is a signed artist on Sony Records as a part of the children's music duo, 'Who Threw Those Pies'. He is currently finishing a degree in psychology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Kevin Haverty is a multi-instrumentalist who has been a fixture of the Boston music scene over the past decades. He's a versatile singer, drummer, guitarist, and songwriter - currently engaged in several music projects around Boston, including - the Vinyl Squares and his newly-formed wedding band. When not playing music, Kevin teaches graphic design at area colleges.