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Genre: Rap

Website: http://http://www.reverbnation.com/thelegendarythugpoet

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Thug Poet

Vicky Secret Panties


Born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut by a single mother, I grew up with the streets as my most outspoken role model. I live my life doin' what has to be done... nothing more nothing less. I wouldn't even know who I am without keepin it g and bein on a money grind.

You can say:

I'm just anotha young souljah wit tha fury of hell. Out for war so I'll prolly be buried in shells.If I'...m still breathin I'm still squeezin. A nigga is still eatin. I love the Lord and crave war for murder I need no reason. I learned wat they b teachin dem teachers they be decievin. I walk alone at night cuz I'm sneakin up on my demons. In war I'll take ya head off like a Monday after a weekend. Of weed is what I'm reekin' I'm speakin amongst my heathens. Them heathens see you sleepin they creep up and leave you leakin. My strength is a weakness my weakness also my strength. I'm not ya average gansta. I rock sleepy eyes and a grin. I'll let you think shit is sweet till tha heat rest on ya chin.Wisper prayers and its tha end u niggaz will never win.My feet itchin. Guess I'm goin sum where I neva been. If its hell bury me wit a pad and a pen so I can write punchlines about tha devil as I pray for my sins............