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Website: http://http://theuniverses.bandcamp.com/album/rocket-surgery

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blood money


"The Universes is Mariel Oliveira, Andy Davis, Dustin T. Rooney, Bryan Reynolds and Lauren McGough. Audiences have compared them to Spacemen 3, the Velvet Underground, the Beastie Boys, and the Clash. The Universes', however, are a little trickier to pin down. Fans of the Pixies tend to get excited when they play, even though the Universes don't really sound like them. Listen: try to picture the Jesus and Mary Chain having a baby with XTC, then that baby has a baby with the child of Nirvana and B-52's. There you might have something close, but not really. The Universes have been through more shit than your average cancer patient, so if/when they're sloppy, it's more endearing than anything. They also look really good. Worth seeing live, and if you're lucky they might have recordings you can obtain.
History of The Universes:
The Universes were conceived in 2005 by Dustin T. Rooney (also of Providence No-Wave band Txoka-Txoka). Together with Rachel Ramer (keyboards-drum machine) the Universes played as a two piece for about a year until being joined by guitarist Karyn Lomuscio in 2006. Shortly after the recording of the first Universes release, "B-sides and Lost Singles," Karyn called it quits. She was replaced by Keegan J. Martin (synthesizer) and James F. Price (drums). The new four piece played a healthy amount of shows through 2008. Complications arose when James came down with a rare blood disease and needed Keegan's kidney in order to survive. [TRUE STORY]
The band went on hiatus until a chance meeting between Dustin and Andy Davis (guitar/drums) at a party in August 2009. The two decided to revive the Universes and played a chunk of shows as a duo before adding Mariel Oliveira (percussion/horns) and Bryan Reynolds (bass) to the line-up.
Artistic differences led to the temporary absence of Bryan for about nine months while Mary K. Peterson (guitar) filled the gaps. During that period Lauren McGough (synthesizer/percussion) made her way into the group. She remained when Bryan Reynolds returned to play bass in the summer of 2010. During a 6 month period Andy went on hiatus and was briefly replaced by Ryan Dwyer (synthesizer/drums).
Keegan Martin and James Price continue to work with the band as producers and guidance counselors. Rachael Ramer contributed vocals and percussion during recording sessions and special shows until she gave birth in 2011."
- ((Submodern/Lapin, August 2011))