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Genre: Experimental, Folk, Solo

Website: http://www.iamdanielharris.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Another Dos



"My name is Daniel Harris and I paint with music. As a solo artist, I dance with my effects pedals like the Joker with Vicky Vale in the bell tower, creating terrifyingly soothing atmospheres of synesthesia."

With over fifteen years of experience behind him, Harris regularly performs and records original music, opening for international acts such as The Books, Lymbyc Systym, Tobacco, Tartufi, Boy in Static, and Rami Feinstein, as well as performing in producer Roger Greenawalt's (Ben Kweller, Albert Hammond Jr, Nils Lofgren) The Beatles Complete on Ukulele at the 2010 SXSW music festival, for which he was personally invited to participate by Greenawalt.

Harris has also performed with national acts Golden Bloom, Neutral Uke Hotel, Avi Wisnia and Arizona; as well as Northeast heroes The Shills, Left Hand Does, Animal Hospital, Night Fruit, The Doctors Fox, Ellis Ashbrook and Stereo Telescope.

As a composer, Harris contributed original music to independent documentary film "The Green Reason" (about Beijing during the Olympics, 2008) and composed the score for feature-length documentary "Mifgash: Encountering Jewish Identity in the 21st Century" (2010) while also carrying the responsibility of music director.

In 2011, Harris was approached by famed political illustrator and journalist, Steve Brodner (Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, The New Yorker), to score his latest political video series for Slate.com, "Smashing Crayons." Each week, Harris is charged with the responsibility of composing original yet uniquely familiar pieces to compliment Brodner's commentary and illustrations.

Harris can sometimes be seen performing with a band of rhythmic maestros on bass, drums and violin.

He also a member of The Doctors Fox.