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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.Thekickbacks.com

TOvesbaugh@hotmail.com, | posmaster@Thekickbacks.com
MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Junction 159

Empty Head


(left to right) Shawn Byrne, jon Burton, Tad Overbaugh


Songs...are the most important.Even more important are timeless songs. Ask any member of The Kickbacks and he will tell you this.Being able to play a show to loyal fans at one of your hometown haunts, or at a bar in the most uncharted reaches of any given state (especially where a band like Def Leppard still has an arena size fanbase) and still have people listen, all boils down to....songs. The Kickbacks are a band about ...songs....songs with a simultaneous delicacy and reckless passion that lyrically detail first hand experiences or observations against gritty guitars,B-3 organ and lived in vocals. Americana, Roots Pop, or Twang Pop are all possible genre tags that might work if you need to place the band into the world of context,compass, and bearing. That's the freedom you as the listener have...to label. But The Kickbacks simply are what they are, and don't promise to remain anything, much less be anything other than themselves. Make no mistakes though, regardless of how you label them when the lights go down, the Kickbacks are a Rock n' Roll band with....songs.