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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.thejupiterproject.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

New Scenery


Somewhere along the way, the jupiter project became disillusioned with the concept of being a rock band. One day, the drums stopped, but the jupiter project didn't.

Not having a live drummer doesn't mean they don't rock. the jupiter project rocks smarter, more deliberately and with greater patience. Drum machines do not equal "techno", but they do equal precision and premeditation. "It's like writing Haiku," Sue says. "There is greater freedom within the rigidity of the format. It creates a kind of focused 'space' that is liberating."

"This was the right decision for us to make," Jonny says. "We want to invest more time in learning about the technology and developing our song writing. And that wasn't happening when we had to keep a drummer in shape with a click track."

The pop ideal that the jupiter project was founded on has not died, but evolved. The band is aware that the common equation is vocals + guitars + drums = band. But friends and fans have always contended that the jupiter project's presence is about the balance between Jonny and Sue; without a live drummer, that balance is perfected. And they are just as loud as they always were--possibly more so, since synthetic drums can achieve an unmatched feeling of bass.

"the jupiter project bust an infectious bass groove and moody rock assault better than almost anyone in town." The Weekly Dig 5/16/01-5/23/01