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Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock

Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/faroffplace


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Local alternative rock band Far Off Place is a four-piece, high energy, melodic driven group out of Charlestown, Rhode Island. It's members include brothers Jay and Tim Gardner, long time friend Josh Sardelli and local grunge rocker Derek Furst. Catching influences from local and national artists of various genres, stretching from the classic rock era through today's alt rock and pop scenes.
Far Off Place has been hanging around the local rock scene since 2005 when they started recording their debut self-titled album with music legend and co-creator of Woodstock 69', Artie Kornfeld. Kornfeld not only produced the album, but co-wrote on songs, mentored and inspired the band to become the sound that they are today. Also bringing in legendary engineer Shelly Yakus to work with the band on the album.
Far Off Place now entering atop the local rock charts on reverbnation.com and continuing to play out at at great venues across New England and down to NYC. In pursuit of their dream to play music for a living and continue to inspire and bring joy to their highly energetic and truly passionate fans, who the band owes everything to. They will continue on their path of love for music....