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Genre: Alternative Rock, Country, Folk, Rock, World Music

Website: http://www.facebook.com/mardigarciamusic

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This Mistake


Mardi Garcia first appeared on the scene as a performing songwriter in
Tucson, Arizona in 1997 armed with a swirling head full of melodies,
plenty to say and a voice to sing it with. After teaming up with
Tucson Bassist, Adam Helmer, she released 2 recordings there before
coming back to her New England roots in 2003. Her subsequent release,
"My Waking Eyes", although recorded in Tucson, was produced and
released in Providence, Rhode Island in 2007 to critical acclaim.

Her upcoming release, "Wild Horse Ranch" is completely recorded and
produced in New England. Upon the reunion of Mardi Garcia and Bassist
Adam Helmer in the fall of 2009, the long standing duo worked with
drummer Steve Wennerberg from Pawtucket, RI, and performed live in the
studio the entire album with the assistance of Jojo Gator from Gator
Bait Records. The songs on the record were carefully chosen and could
be regarded as a “Greatest Hits” of sorts. Because Mardi is a prolific
songwriter and has traveled extensively, her compositions are full of
the flavor of the location she is in. Noted on the jacket is the place
where each song was written.

Musically, Mardi and Adam have grown over the years and maintain their
own unique sound. This is evident on “This Mistake”, a rockin'
Americana tune with crossover potential. “Cathedral” showcases a
purely rock anthemic piece and has piano sounds threaded throughout as
well as power-chorded electric guitar. Get Outta Dodge has an
island/Middle Eastern feel, and was a result of a Spanish jam session
with musicians from Egypt and Syria.

Ultimately, “Wild Horse Ranch” is a whole “album” in the purest sense
of the word. JamBand, Americana, Rock, Adult Contemporary and World
are just some of the genres represented here. From track 1 to track
11 you are taken on a magical musical ride you will not soon forget.