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Genre: Alternative Rock, Rap, Rock

Website: http://bearfightlive.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


In 2006, the dashingly handsome Greek drummer John Binieris and "sometimes" overly energetic bassist Kevin Rowley teamed up with guitarist Tommy Brooks & Epileptic Disco's Dan Daly to form the infamous or perhaps not so infamous Son of Jorel. After losing Dan Daly to DC's Attorney General's Office, the generally disease free Paul Hourihan strapped on his finely polished ax and fulfilled his destiny as the lead guitarist for the band you all know and love today, Bearfight! However, after just a few rehearsals, the newly formed Bearfight quickly realized a hole in their little itty bitty bear hearts and knew that it could only be filled by Improper Bostonian's voted sexiest solo artist, Chris Mathison. Once Chris joined Bearfight, the power house cover band was complete and that's when we started annoying you on a weekly basis with emails, fb events, candygrams and all other possible promotional clutter we could muster to force you into attending our shows... But hey, c'mon, what did you expect when you joined a Social Network? HA! Seriously though, without our fans and friends, aka you, we would never have gotten to the place we are today. Thank you so much for that! You guys are the best! Hope to see you at our next show! When? Don't worry we'll email you. HA!