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Genre: Experimental

Website: http://www.laurastincer.com

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Laura Stincer's first album as an independent artist, "Sacrifice of Love" was released on September 2010 on iTunes and Amazon and the hard copy CD was released on January 21, 2011. The album's mesmerizing 12 tracks deliver a perfect blend of classical, jazz, world music and fusion combining rhythms from all over the world that can touch every single culture captivating different roots mixed with popular music styles, including pop, rock, classical and other styles. This can ultimately be classified only as -Laura Stincer, a different, interesting and captivating musician creating an atmosphere of peace and love with her image and an outstanding professionalism as a virtuoso musician.
"Sacrifice of Love" is composed, produced and arranged by Laura's father Ramon Huerta, creating an enchanting music ambient that has to do with Laura's personality. Laura is a lover of nature, family and friends,
Laura fell in love with the flute during her early years dedicating much of her life to intense practice and performing technically challenge pieces of classical music pushing her self to be better. Something that has accompanied her since the beginning is her peculiar sound that hugs your soul as you hear her putting her feelings in every single note.
After winning the first place prize in the "Amadeo Roldan" national music competition in Cuba where she studied with the maestro Alberto Corrales. After completing her studies she moved to the States where she has been recording for other albums and performing for different audiences. Her career has evolved completely on her own terms and has acquired an incredible fan base over popular social networks.