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Genre: Rock

Website: http://thecantnots.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


For a three piece band, The Can't Nots make a lot of noise. Formed in June of 2010, but conceived in the womb, this Providence, RI crew is set on becoming rock's voice for the right now, and they've got all the musical talent and moxy to prove it. Their sound is a mash up of their influences; most notably, The White Stripes, The Talking Heads, and The Dave Matthew's Band. They seem to have a peppering of jazz influences, but it's not all the time, and a dash of punk, but not really. Their uniqueness, however, is not a product of their influences or musical motives, but it is an extension of their interlocking personalities.

The band is composed of vocalist Naomi Wilkinson, her brother and drummer, Gary Wilkinson, and long time friend and guitarist Bobby Brierly. This lifelong relationship is a huge factor of what makes The Can't Nots click. Their music maybe up down and all over and yet they manage to meet you in the middle because of the effortless way in which they are able to blend their individual styles into one singular musical experience.

Naomi is an expressive singer with a wide vocal range to boot. Her lyrics are equally varied, ranging from intellectual to downright silly.

Gary sits behind a fortress of drums and plays them with exuberance. He is the backbone of the band with enough rhythmic precision and nuance to play even offbeat, complex signatures.

Bobby is the technician. He uses an array of effect pedals to create new and unusual sounds. He owns face. Your face.

There's something for everyone in The Can't Nots' music. Both young and old, one thing is for certain, you can't not check them out.