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Genre: Blues/R&B, Rap, Reggae/Ska/Zydeco

Website: http://www.pitchblackworld.com


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Pitch Black Entertainment was created by Stanley Bois and Johnny Bookert with their pass experiences in the music business, they took their knowledge interjecting them together to give birth to Pitch Black. The roster of talent is very diverse. The group of four that goes by the name Pitch Black Squad are reminiscent of rap groups of the pass. Strong and diverse. Leading the pack is Watts a nineteen year old from New Jersey who many have said he's a ,hybrid, a mixture of raw talent with hunger that has only been seen by veterans in rap like Jay Z and Lil Wayne. Dre Da King born and raised in the tough streets of South Carolina. The way he deliver rhythms and depicts his life to instrumentals he has the potential to be mention in the same breathe as 2pac. Kidd the ideal southern smooth style rapper, with his constant hard work he has developed to a lethal artists that has been compare to the glory days of Big Daddy Kane. K-Smooth his name says it all he is such a smooth rapper that you have to catch yourself and say wow did he just say that. He can flow with the best of them and puts his life struggle on every bar. After a real close incounter with death Bubba Mane has turn his life to the music game, he’s style of music in your face and hard hitting similar to Scareface. His tone draws you in than wrap you into his world. Ruger style is 2nd to none he can sing and rap. It's a talent that very few can posses, he writes music that is close to his soul, and deliver story lines similar to the great Slick Rick.

Pitch Black Entertainment also knows the importance of having the following of the female fans, We have a R&B group out of Fort Lauderdale called UnKut with members Jermeko and One Will. It is hard to pinpoint Unkut music style. The diversity of musical influences leads to a unique sonic quality sounds. Certain songs can be described as primarily R&B, while others are more Hip hop records and Not to forget the soulful side of the music With sexy R&B songs like "Mesmerize" and "bad one" and " She cheatin " will have every body screaming and singing along. And song like "Talk to me" ,"Hold of me" and "My life " are clearly Hip Hop hits, with dance beats and an urban feel. And don't forget classic soulful songs "Baby got my last name" and "Make you come" and " In and Out" Unkut also impressive ability by harmonizing without instrumentation and Jermeko and 1 Will are capable of writing and arranging there own songs. Their music has been compared to the legendary group Jodeci. With their stage presence and sound they know how to serenade the female audience to a melting point.

Pitch Black Entertainment has not forget the young fans. The youth are very important to them. We also have a thirteen year old artist called Baby jersey from New Jersey and now lives in Florida. Even at a youthful age he can articulate his words masterfully and has generated a following among his peers. Baby Jersey even writes all his own material.
Pitch Black Entertainment has tapped into their community with a great following. We have done concerts at several different venues and are currently at an three show a month pace. We have already been re-booked at some of the venues. Our music has also been played on Internet radio shows such as MotaHiphop.com,and Soulfulradionetwork.com. They also been played on public airwaves such as Power 96.5, 99.1 Jamz, and 91.1fm. To hear more feel free to go to www.facebook.com/pitchblacksquad www.reverbnation.com/pitchblacksquad
myspace.com/pitchblacksquad myspace.com/unkut754

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Pitch Black Entertainment