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Genre: Folk

Website: http://www.myspace.com/theyellowromancandles


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The Yellow Roman Candles, based on the central Maine coast, are an indie acoustic roots four piece band that just hit the scene this last year to the delight of local
audiences. The gritty vocals teamed with acoustic guitar (Aaron Morse) complimented by haunting female vocal harmonies (provided by Sarah Klomparen/Rachel Green) and made complete with the intensity and drama of the violin (Nick Destino) and the cello/upright bass (Jake Ross).
The Yellow Roman Candles has now released their debut, full length CD “puppets”. This 10 track CD is based on the life experiences of singer/songwriter Aaron Morse, but everyone finds moments from their own life in these lyrics, given weight by the
extraordinary beauty to be found in every song.
Hear what WRBC has to say about The Yellow Roman Candles earlier EP release:
All are recommended roots radio especially:
1. if it’s right
2. It will be me
7. puppets
All songs on the CD are FCC friendly.
RIYL: Ray LaMontagne, Damien Rice and Iron and Wine.
Similar in style, yet uniquely compelling, The Yellow Roman Candles have enjoyed many successes in their first year that was highlighted by being selected to perform at the Portland Music and Arts Festival; a tour of shows in NYC and performances at the Nateva Music Festival. The Yellow Roman Candles had more than 45 performances in their first calendar year. After your first listen to their extraordinary debut CD, you will see why venues invite them back again and again.
You can contact The Yellow Roman Candles regarding distribution, booking or any other inquiry by contacting Eric Brewer of Missing Link Productions at
missinglinkstudio@live.com or at theyellowromancandles@gmail.com
"Yellow Roman Candles is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Aaron Morse, and based on their first release, there is a sense that this band could really make a run at achieving a certain level of national notoriety. The album certainly has shades of LaMontagne’s earlier work. Its gritty and working-class sensibilities leave the listener transported to perhaps a greater understanding of the plight of much of middle America…..this is a decidedly raw album, which, if given a few listens can really tear into one’s soul. It’s part Springsteen and part Dylan, but certainly all Maine. Not to say that I am surprised, but this simple little album proves that Yellow Roman Candles will one day be deserving of a place among the pantheon of great Maine folk musicians.” " doug ray - WRBC