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Genre: Punk

Website: http://www.badlarryska.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


In a politically burdened and socially active world, Bad Larry wants you to stop for a second and smile. Ok, now continue dancing.
Trying not to push any messages (except the occasional tongue in cheek jab at the recording industry or a dig at an ex-girlfriend or two) Bad Larry implores you to forget your trouble and just have a good time. Just remember your dancing shoes, cause you're in for a treat at a Bad Larry show. Their recipe for success lies in upbeat reggae rhythms to warm the soul, swift syncopation to tempt the feet and oh-so-sweet harmonization to soothe the ear. The Bad Larry experience delivers horn driven ska-punk, with unbridled energy on the stage and the insane shenanigans off. The boys of Bad Larry are never ones to pass up a quick cover of a classic theme song or a parody of a mainstream hit. A pleasantly appealing paradox, these guys are serious musicians that never take themselves too seriously.