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Genre: Blues/R&B, Rock

Website: http://www.gravitasband.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Gravitas began as a two piece with guitarist/vocalist Garrett Smith and previous drummer Kevin Love. Garrett's virtuosity in guitar playing and composition as well as Kevin Love's energetic drumming made them a hit in the New England rock and roll scene, leading to a legendary show at a student's venue at University of New Hampshire at early 2010. Later bassist Peter Hung and vocalist Omri Levi joined the band, making it more refined and complete. Unfortunately due to personal reasons drummer Kevin Love had to leave. Luckily he was replaced by Elton Charles, one of the most sought after studio drummers in the Berklee College of Music student community. This line-up has been playing at various shows and garnered considerable attention due to their unique sound and their energetic live performances and is looking ahead to something much bigger!