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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.bentmen.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Immaculate Contraption



Bentmen combine tribal rituals with future instruments and bloodthirsty guitars to create an interactive concert experience that is both mesmerizingly immersive and profoundly disturbing.

Notorious for creating utter pandemonium everywhere they play, Bentmen are trying to push everything sideways.

There's "edgy." There's "pushing the envelope." And then there seems to be some kind of disturbance far ahead on the distant horizon.

What rough beast is this that slouches towards rock 'n' roll?

Take a good guess.

The Bentmen will perform Ulcer Gulch, a rock opera December 5 through 7, at the Institute of Contemporary Art Theatre, 995 Boylston Street. I’ve always conceived of the Bentmen as a rock band doing theatrics," According to Bentman Bill, "We’ve moved over the years toward being a heavy, driving band by virtue of there being a lack of theaters to play in. But it’s (Ulcer Gulch) not like Broadway or anything We’ve taken songs — some new, some from recent records, and some ancient — and organized them into a story line. We wrote a script, and it entails real acting . . . for better or worse."