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Genre: Alternative Rock, Country, Folk

Website: http://tellthemtobescared.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


VISIONS is an alt country band from Boston,MA. Their debut album Re:VISIONS was recorded by producer Mark Leombruni and mastering engineer Jeff Lipton (Arcade Fire, Wilco, Spoon) The album is a ten song concept record that chronicles a sour love affair that spirals out of control and completely engulfs a writer, until he decides the only way he can ever write about anything else is to bury his Cody.

Songwriter T.J. Petracca’s no-holds-barred honesty plunges the listener right into the middle of his own personal battles with the devil, alcoholism, mental stability, and abusive relationships.

Re:VISIONS is sewn together seamlessly. The incredibly layered arrangements lead you on a dark journey; a string section, a screaming hammond b3 organ, the twang of the pedal steel guitar, and a gospel choir, set a luscious backdrop for a story and an album that takes you to hell and straight back to nashville.