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Genre: Alternative Rock, Dixieland, Folk, Metal/Hardcore, Punk

Website: http://http://www.sonicbids.com/BellasBartok


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Bella’s Bartok is an eleven-piece band from Western Massachusetts whose infectious sound is sometimes described as “Balkan Rockabilly” or “Circus Rock”. As the Berkshire eagle put it; “Its sound, described by the band as ranging from ‘bohemian folk-punk’ to ‘circus-themed electric art rock’, is informed by Eastern European folk music, suffused with the energy of punk rock, and tinted with a Dixieland inflection. The music is often delivered at full volume, and even the waltzes come at breakneck speed. It is getaway music for horse-drawn, peddler caravan. Call it borschtcore.” Born in the summer of 2008, the band first became known for busking in the back alleyways of Great Barringon, Massachusetts, typically clad in cowboy hats, headscarves, wigs, ball gowns, sneakers and suit jackets, and often attracting enormous crowds. Soon they had played practically every bandstand, honky tonk, gypsy joint, country fair, hippy church, psychiatrists’ retreat, charity fundraiser, and dive bar in the region.Their wild sold-out shows at local venues such as Club Helsinki have now become legendary.

It's safe to say this hodgepodge of highly talented musicians are hard to classify; their intensely theatrical and ferocious stage presence draws from punk, cabaret, performance art, and operatic traditions. Meanwhile their deliciously danceable musical eclecticism sweeps from Eastern European folk-inspired two-steps to orchestral waltz-punk, to glam rock and back again. Whatever you like to call it, Bella’s Bartok is sure to get you dancing…