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Genre: Alternative Rock, Metal/Hardcore, Rock

Website: http://http://www.katyreign.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Jaded is a hard hitting, all female rock band that kicks you in the face with a rock n roll party, firing on all cylinders. Reminiscent of 80's style rock energy and decadence, this band delivers in talent, looks and raw agression. Katy Reign's intense, powerful voice will leave your hair standing on end. Britt Lightning shreds her guitar with a precise, fiery assault of fret-work. Laurel Wolff's pulsating bass makes you pump your fist as she drives the band and the party! Hillary Blaze pounds her drums, adding rapid fire double kick to complete the rock n roll onslaught. Jaded's live show is a high octane experience, both visually and aurally, that has earned them a devoted following everywhere they have played.