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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.thekeeping.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Six Months of Hell

Hold On


The Keeping is an alternative pop/rock band from Franklin, MA. The sound of The Keeping has evolved over the years into something both pop-catchy and indie-intimate. With a versatile line-up of songs, The Keeping's audience extends beyond the usual single-genre market. Songs such as "Terminal" and "Snake Eyes" encompass a pop, upbeat attitude while maintaining intimate and interesting lyrics and melody. "Six Months of Hell" and "Daybreak" invoke mature elements of emotion that everyone can relate to regardless of age. Songwriting talent mixed with on-point live performances continue to increase The Keeping's fan-base.

What began as an online collaboration between high school friends, The Keeping continues to be a group of friends who've grown together as Musicians. The Keeping, originally known as Ericson, started in 2004 as almost a "virtual" band. Lead singer and songwriter Thomas Whitehead lived at school, 800 miles from Jon Perri (bass) and Jared Tocci (drums). When it was realized that the material was worth perusing, Whitehead moved back to Massachusetts to do so. Jesse Small (guitar) and Bobby Washburn (guitar) completed the lineup.

Though their beginnings were humble, things picked up quickly for the band. In 2004, they immediately began writing and rehearsing. The hard work paid off as they played their first show at the world-famous Hard Rock Café in Boston. By the summer of 2005, the band had saved enough money to self-release their first EP with producer John Naclario (Brand New, My Chemical Romance, Just Surrender, The Audition) in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The EP came with rave reviews, "...Well thought-out and executed with class. The music simply sounds mature; I don’t really know what else I can say. These guys sound like road-hardened veterans." -AbsolutePunk.net. The following summer the band embarked on a self-planned tour of the east coast. The EP sold over 1500 copies as the band traveled from New England to Florida playing fifteen shows in fifteen cities. Upon their return, the band was invited to play Boston's Warped Tour, sharing the stage with multiple major label acts. Gaining momentum over the next year, the band was invited to open for acts including The Jonas Brothers in Boston and Cheyanne Kimball in Providence.

After a brief hiatus brought on by the loss of a close family member, the band emerged stronger than ever. Whitehead added the role of piano to the mix, which brought with it an entirely new musical perspective. Using band money, they traveled to Atlanta in the summer of 2009 and recorded with major label producer Matt Malpass (Copeland, Lydia, members of Say Anything, Manchester Orchestra). "These are songs I can already hear being played on the radio. Given a chance, they will be. The melodies are catchy as hell, the lyrics will make girls around the world swoon." -Music To My Ears. With the new recorded sound, a new name was needed to break away from the past and fully represent the solidarity of the band.

Shopping record labels and landing endorsements (Orange Amps, C&C Drums, Stereobear Clothing), The Keeping continues to grow both in terms of fan-base and musical talent and versatility. They anticipate a summer/fall tour following the release of the new material.

In short, The Keeping is the product of five friends who's talent and devotion to music eliminates the option to be unsuccessful in creating it.