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Genre: Metal/Hardcore

Website: www.facebook.com/awantedawakening


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A Wanted Awakening is a metal five piece based out of Lowell, Massachusetts. Piecing together influences from death metal acts like The Black Dahlia Murder and Through The Eyes of The Dead, as well as progressive acts like Between The Buried And Me and Protest The Hero, A Wanted Awakening has really formed a sound that stands on it’s own. When listening through the tracks on their newly release EP Rebirth, it quickly becomes apparent this is not your typical deathcore act. While maintaining the fast, heavy sound that drives the currently thriving deathcore scene, A Wanted Awakening also creates soaring soundscapes and unique instrumental sections, transcending the limits of metal.
While each member of the band all had previous musical endeavors, the original formation of A Wanted Awakening was in Albany, NY in the summer of 2008. The group (then a foursome) did not take long after meeting to begin a rigorous practice and writing schedule. The group abandoned all other things in their lives after about only 3 months together, to focus on writing their first EP, From The Ruins. From The Ruins was an experimental time for AWA, when they really began to hone their craft, and find their own voice as writers. The main single off the record “Everything Beautiful Is Burning” actually saw radio play in the Albany area, appearing on Capital Underground radio with Ralph Renna, as well as a short interview with the band. About a year after the inception of the group, it was decided that they were to head for Lowell, MA to capitalize on the thriving metal scene in the area. While in MA, AWA picked up their second guitarist to finally form the current group, and from there began work on the current release, Rebirth.
A Wanted Awakening has played countless shows in Massachusetts and New York, most notably appearing on the main stage at New England Metal & Hardcore Festival and Rock & Shock in 2011. Their devotion towards practice and showmanship gives audiences a live experience that is rivaled by very few bands.
Rebirth is a milestone in A Wanted Awakening’s career, showing both the local and national metal scene that they have what it takes to make a lasting impact. A listen through this 25 minute release will show you the fierce intensity of serial arsonists and ancient marauders, while also depicting the sad beauty of tortured souls and lost civilizations.

This is what a few people had to say about Rebirth:

“Classic metal, metalcore, death metal - it doesn’t matter. This band plays what they like, and combine it all to make their own sound.”
-Geoff, The Metal Pedagogy

“I like the concept and the high measure of implementation, no half work here...it’s ‘cory, but with a lot more on offer than usual, like progressive metal elements and dark moments taking the stage as well...somehow it seems so much more professional, catchy as radiation poisoning, varied as a bag of jelly beans, and groovy as f***.”
-Niek Elfrink, AKA The Death Metal Baboon

“The vocals were varied in their approach, and because there were so many different qualities, the music was more interesting because of it...I think they’ve got some things in the music that sound only like them, which is important from the listener's point of view”
Leslie J. Bialik, Music Xray

“After listening to a lot of this kind of music I found it hard to find good bands, this band changed that....they’re like something you’ve never heard before, the music hey create is just amazing...this is a one of a kind band.”
-Sick Labels Recording & Music Review

“The five musicians in A Wanted Awakening are classically trained and are razor sharp both live and in the studio. The level of musicianship exhibited in every detailed note and chord is what separates this band from countless other metal pretenders.”
-James Johnson, UMass Lowell Connector