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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.alienistoutfit.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


It's not a frequent occurrence these days when a group makes an effort to stick with a band name that represented, at one point, an all together different sound, created by different musicians, at a different time, with different objectives. In the case of The Alienist Outfit, the band made a conscious decision to keep the name and start anew after the departure of two original members, very long gaps of inactivity; the ultimate shelving of 2 years of material, and a modest yet over ambitious EP (that was recorded as a college project before a full band was ever assembled). So here we are in 2004 with a somewhat familiar band name representing an altogether different band creating large and driving original music.  Gone is the jazz tinged quirkiness, fruitless genre meandering, live unheard acoustic guitar, and lack of focus. Arrived are the more direct compositions, careful arrangements, vocal harmonies, and unrelenting dynamic contrasts.


The group's core is based in the reconvening of three strong personal and musical friendships that date back to elementary school. After high school, years of playing in other bands/projects and accumulating different experiences, Mike Ushinski (drums - On Fire, ex-barbaro, ex-placer), Tom Korkidis (vox/guitar - On Fire, ex-placer) and Chris Olds (vocals/percussion - ex-hip tanaka), rejoined to bring the compositions of Korkidis to light. Alongside are college music compatriots; Vincent Fairchild (synths), Bert Foster (The Fever Monument - guitar), and newcomer Wesley Page (bass - ex-Fuser). The combination of the six diverse musicians leads to a new sonic exchange in the post rock realm.