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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.temptressrocks.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Crack the Whip

Dress Up


"Are you a girl or a boy?" Well, if every picture tells a story, this one is a doosey. Temptress looks like a model and sings like a sailor -- and the band is tighter than her butt. Temptress plays an outrageous rock n' roll crying game that has fans across the country screaming for more.

In addition to vocalist/guitarist Temptress, the band features duel lead guitarists Ed Evelyn and Vince Edwards, bassist Frank Malabe and drummer Ed Torres. To support the visual show Temptress fronts with two sexy go-go dancer/backing vocalists she refers to as the "Nasty Habits," helping visualize the music with mulitple costume changes and choreographed dance skits.

When asked of future plans, Temptress responded with, "We are touring heavy to support our new record, called Wizard of Odd," then followed with, "I think then I'll design my own line of Temptress fashions, after all if these clothes look this good on me, imagine how good they'll look on a real girl." Now there's a marketing angle to please the fashion industry. Temptress is certainly a visual extravaganza with great music that guarantees a good time for all.