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Genre: Alternative Rock, Country, Dixieland, Folk, Rock, Bluegrass

Website: http://http://www.williamsboy.com

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The Williamsboy’s early life was food stamps and welfare lines. Bouncing around from town to town was a constant . Matt Williams - the future Williamsboy - found a beat up acoustic guitar in one of the apartments his family rented. Williams quickly learned how to put his plight into song, which in turn became a therapeutic remedy. His is the typical American experience, nothing less than tragic or euphoric in its commonality.

Williams has created a brand of heartland rock with catchy hooks, honest lyrics and Americana sentiments centered on his life experiences.
Subsequently; many people have been down similar roads, and they can relate to his music. His song writing is simple and infused with voice.
A voice that Matilida Swartz of The Villanovan claims "can say the 30 words you were thinking in only five."

Williams believes that music has the power and ability to breach all divides, and his attempt to connect with people is achieved simply: a guitar, a harmonica, an honest lyric, and a whole lot of emotion. Roads, one of Williams’ songs, sums up his experience and introspective clarity, "at one time or another we had to take detours to get where we are"...

"Williams is as traditional as baseball and apple pie" -John Pfieffer, Aquarian Weekly Online