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Genre: Celtic/Irish, Comedy, Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/IceCreamSocialDuo

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Leaving of Liverpool



Spawned from the last few drops of beer at the bottom of the cask, Ice Cream Social is a Boston-based acoustic rock band, deeply rooted in traditional Irish folk tunes and maritime chanties.

Making up Ice Cream Social is Justin Aucoin (vocals, guitar, whistle) and John Borecki (vocals, octave mandolin, bodhrán, guitar), a dynamic musical duo who first met and collaborated at the 2008 Salem Pirate Faire. They quickly realized they shared a love for folk music, pirates and beer, and soon began entertaining audiences with their high energy and charismatic performances.

“We try interacting as much as we can with our audiences while we’re on stage,” says Borecki. “We like to think of our shows as one big party that we just happen to be at with instruments.”

Ice Cream Social blends the sounds of Great Big Sea, The Peelers, Gaelic Storm and Spirit of the West, peppering in classic and lesser-known traditional songs and rollicking sea chanties into sets full of their original folk rock songs. Their original music has been described as “nodding to traditional structures but tapping into contemporary themes.”

“We grew up also listening to a lot of rock music, so our versions of some of the more traditional tunes tend to be a bit more ‘aggressive’ than most bands,” says Aucoin. “In our minds we want to be rock stars, but we play traditional and folk music. Somehow it works. In the end, we aim to entertain people and get the crowd to sing, clap and stomp right along with us.”