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Genre: Punk, Rock

Website: deadfriendsboston.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Dead Friends

On The Run


Mark Doherty - Lead Vocals
Tom Ahronian - Bass/backing vocals
Gene Johnston - Guitar/backing vocals
Jose Morales - Drums

Dead Friends are a Boston-based, east-meets-west, punk/hardcore band born in the Fall of 2009.

Made up of suspects from several notable national acts, the band has already done several short tours and released their debut full-length album “The After Life”.

The record features cameos from Lenny Lashley (Darkbuster), Mark Gaffney (GOZU), Dave Rivers (Tree), and Anthony Snowdale. Doherty and Johnston recently wrote a song and performed on Gang Green’s new release.

The band has also appeared on shows with Sheer Terror, Vinny Stigma (Agnostic Front), Street Dogs, Big D And The Kids Table, Colin of Arabia, The Welch Boys, Continental, The Blue Bloods, and Gang Green.

Some notable places they have played: The Whisky (LA), O'Connells (San Diego), The Double Down Saloon (Vegas), The Paradise Rock Club (Boston), Middle East (Cambridge), and Church (Boston).

Their sound has best been described as Beastie Boys meets Black Flag with other influences from Orange 9mm, Clutch, and Helmet. The boys were also featured in AMP Magazine and toured the west coast in the Spring of 2011. Future plans include tours in Germany, the east coast, and SXSW.

“What about Dead Friends? They rock too. If you like Black Flag; you'll want to take a listen to these guys.” –Your Band