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Genre: Oldies, Punk, Rock

Website: http://http://www.myspace.com/girlfriendsus

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Suckin Rare Meat Off the Bone China

Good To Be True


"Coming from New England, they probably can’t relate to surfer vibes too much, so their output fittingly channels the lo-fi method into kindling for ecstatic power pop. The boy/girl vocal exchange plows through deranged hook binges with angular guitar work and start-stop melodies...alternately manic and adolescent, with gnarled sing-alongs at driving tempos that are guiltlessly catchy and filler-free. This is definitely a local act I’ve got my eye on..." - TheDecibelTolls.com

"Boston loves garage rock jangle. Fast, agile and all sorts of gritty, Girlfriends dirty up ’60s melodies with brash buzzsaw guitars..." - Boston Herald, 10 Bands to Watch in 2010