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Genre: Rock

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Plane in the Water



Though you’d never know it by listening to them, VulGarrity have a few things in common with 70’s soft rock superheroes The Carpenters. A multi-instrumental brother and sister team born and raised in Connecticut, experimenting with a number of different band lineups for years before coming to the realization that they’re better off as a duo. Having reached that realization and redefined their sound, they are continuing on their completely relentless mission to play music and have a good time. Sticking to that mission has earned them some noteworthy accomplishments over the past several years - airplay on both XM and Sirius satellite radio, as well as MTV’s hit shows “Made”, “Cribs”, “Teen Cribs” and “My Life as Liz”, nationwide tours that have brought them from East to West Coast and back again, sharing the stage with a diverse range of acts (The Misfits, Sponge, Mike Doughty, Days of the New, King’s X, Psychostick, The Prodigals, Ra, etc.), an artist development contract with MySpace Records, and so on. The dynamic duo continues to create music together and bewilder audiences with borderline schizophrenic, highly energetic instrument-swapping stage antics and a captivating demeanor. The future is bright for this pair of non-conformist, left-of-center siblings with an undying itch to put their artistic stamp on the world. As the Carpenters so famously said, “We’ve Only Just Begun”.