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Genre: Funk, Rock

Website: http://myspace.com/relativesouls


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Relative Souls is a rock/funk/jam band, in that order. Our formula for success is good songs, catchy vocals, and superior musicianship...a combo not offered by most bands. We are a wall of energy and sound. Whenever we play, all eyes are on us. Our influences are as diverse as its members, and the culmination of those is what sets us apart from other bands. Jared White (vocals) comes from a singer/songwriter background, influenced heavily by 90s rock and a wide range of modern, contemporary songwriters, some well known and others not. Mike "Mac" McNamara (Guitar) comes from a hard rock and blues background, but also majored in jazz performance. He gigged in the jazz idiom as a mercenary, and played all over New England in the Rhode Island based rock and, Floodwaters. Steve Lowenthal (keys) has been studying jazz piano since 6 years old, but is also an appreciator of funk and rock. He is an amazing soloist and reminds his bandmates of a mad scientist. Luke "The Ghost of Soul" Gould (Bass) is influenced equally by all rock, funk, and jazz, as is his best friend Danny Parrella on drums. The pair have been funking it out together since they were 12, and provide the rock solid foundation for our musical monstrosity. All of the members of this outfit come from different musical and social backgrounds, but through music have found ourselves to be not unlike brothers. Even though we’re not connected by blood, we are in fact Relative Souls. It's all about that connection in music. Relative Souls has been playing together for a year and has almost 20 original songs, all of which are highly thought out and well orchestrated. There is a lot of composition, but also a lot of what we call "structured improvisation." The band has played all over New England at such venues as Lupo's, The Century Lounge (Rhode Island), Ace of Clubs, Kenny's Castaways, the Lion's Den, Tobacco Road (NYC), Two Boots, Toad's Place, Daniel St. Cafe, Leavitt Pavilion, Gathering of the Vibes Festival, (Connecticut), Copperfields, Bill's Bar (Boston, Massachussetts) as well as a dozen colleges.