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Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronica

Website: http://www.thereceivermusic.com


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Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, The Receiver is a duo of brothers Casey and Jesse Cooper. By eliminating the more conventional instrumentation, their music vows to push the boundaries of the singer-songwriter realm. Sounds of The Receiver focus on rich organ-based melody lines, piercing synth overtones, and foot-stomping bass & drums.
The beginning stages of The Receiver were originally conceived from excerpts of a senior year electronic composition project, “From the Corner of a Room” completed by Casey at The Ohio State University School of Music in 2004. The reception of the piece gained an overwhelming amount of praise, inspiring him to forge ahead and expand on the initial ideas of the project. Over the course of a year, Casey fine tuned numerous ideas and joined forces with his older brother, Jesse to complete the sound image. Together the Cooper brothers deliver elegant song-crafting, lush harmonies, and glittering soundscapes. Together they are The Receiver.