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Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues/R&B, Experimental, Rock

Website: thefewmusic.net

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In Need of Assistance

In Need of Assistance


"Can you feel that? Can you feel that groove? I doubt it unless you’re listening to this CD right now. After listening to The Few’s newest release, South Side of Somewhere, multiple times, I have come up with this theory. I must say this CD has a way to get you moving. Overall, with the dynamic lyrics, great guitar work and just great groove feeling you get when listening to it makes it hard to put this CD away. if you can find it and you could really dig some groove rock right about now, I would give you the go ahead and pick it up."
-Local Bands of RI review

"The instrumental blend is interesting, the Few try to bring the funk with just guitar, keyboard and drums." .. "the keyboard player is certainly doing a great job with the left hand" ..."The dual female/male lead vocal is like having vanilla and chocolate soft serve in the same funky cone." -The Noise

"With their positive vibe and funky groove, their innovative sound comes from an eclectic mix of classic rock, reggae and motown, infused with small bursts of blues folk and country" -Limelight Magazine